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Melanie: Treatment Coordinator

Melanie Melanie has an awesome husband and four kids including a teenager at Seven Lakes Junior High. She has a ton of experience in the dental field and absolutely loves it. She has a degree in Public Relations and uses it everyday as BFO’s treatment coordinator.

Shelly: Orthodontic Assistant

hannah Shelly is an ortho rock star. She has 16 years of experience and knows everything there is to know about braces and Invisalign. Shelly lives out in the country with her husband and 2 kids. Her spirit animal is a pug.

Kaleigh: Orthodontic Assistant

hannah Though her name is pronounced “Cali”, she’s actually from Sealy. If you were to look up the term “Dog Mom” on urban dictionary you would likely see a picture of Kaleigh. She’s happy, fun and knows how to cut a pokey wire painlessly. If she wasn’t an ortho assistant, she would run an organic landscaping business which used goats to cut the lawn.

Alexa: Office Music, Joke and Weather Report Provider

Caroline Alexa has very limited experience in the dental field. She has no hands so… she makes up for it with her looks. She plays great music, tells “ok” jokes, and makes great company. In her spare time she enjoys sitting on the counter in the clinic and studying the BFO logo on the wall.

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