Want straight teeth but don’t want braces?

It’s a brave new world. One where no one is too old to straighten their teeth. You might be that person that is just tired of having crooked teeth and it’s now time to take care of you. Or maybe you’ve been living in guilt because you never wore your retainer. We don’t judge. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to help. About 25% of BFO’s patients are adults so you’re not alone.


Now we get it, no adult really wants braces. That’s why we’re so glad Invisalign was invented. It’s allowed us to achieve amazing results without braces. Invisalign will work on almost all adults. There are only a few types of cases that are better served through braces. Again, our consults are free so come in and Dr. Blackburn can explain it all to you and get you on the path to having straight teeth and a happy smile.

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