Children 7 to 10:

You’re at this webpage because you are wondering if your sweet “baby” really needs braces already. Don’t panic, chances are they don’t, but you should feel like a good parent for looking into it. Most kids don’t need braces until they have lost all of their baby teeth which usually happens around 6-8th grade.

However, there are a few instances when younger kids (ages 7-10) do need braces. Those reasons usually include crossbites and/or severe crowding. In those cases, wearing braces for a year or less is usually enough to fix those problems so that your kid’s teeth and jaws can continue to grow the way that they are supposed to.

Another equally valid reason to treat younger kids is if their front teeth just came in crazy and it’s causing problems for them. Maybe someone at school is bullying them, or they are just really self-conscious about it. If that’s the case, typically 6-9 months of braces can get those front teeth looking good again so that they can smile at that bully with confidence.

Consultations at BFO are always free so bring your “baby” in to see us and we’ll let you know if they need to get started with braces a little earlier.



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