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Our goal at BFO is for you to have the perfect smile and to enjoy the process of getting there. The first step of that process is to schedule a free consultation. Below is what will happen during that consultation:

  • You’ll get a tour of the office so that you’ll know where to brush your teeth and where to run in case of a zombie attack
  • You’ll get 2 orthodontic specific x-rays from our sweet x-ray machine that plays classical music while it takes x-rays
  • You’ll get your “before” pictures taken and ironically they look a lot like mug shots
  • Dr. Blackburn will do a thorough exam and you can explain all of life’s problems to him
  • Dr. Blackburn will outline your different treatment options and tell you exactly what he would do if he were in your shoes
  • The BFO team will go over all of your financial questions and come up with a financial arrangement that works for you


After the initial consultation, if Dr. Blackburn says it’s a good time to start, we have all the info we need to get treatment rolling. If we have time available that day we can do it then, or you can schedule to come back when it’s convenient for you. Once treatment has started, appointments are typically every 8-10 weeks. It’s important that you continue to see your regular dentist during ortho treatment for cleanings and checkups.

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