meet the bfo team!


Treatment Coordinator

Melanie is one of those special people who always looks put together. She can operate on a half hour of sleep a night and still look better than the rest of us. She also has the most soothing voice in the world and makes Siri sound like Jar Jar Binks compared to her. She has four awesome kids including a son at Seven Lakes High School. Melanie has a ton of experience in the dental field and a public relations degree that she uses everyday as BFO’s treatment coordinator.


Lead Orthodontic Assistant

Though her name is pronounced “Cali”, she’s actually from Sealy. If you were to look up the term “Dog Mom” on urban dictionary you would likely see a picture of Kaleigh. She’s happy, fun and knows how to cut a pokey wire painlessly. If she wasn’t an ortho assistant, she would run an organic landscaping business which used goats to cut the lawn. We’re glad she’s an ortho assistant with 5 years of experience instead.


Insurance Specialist

Insurance companies are about as organized as a Jackson Pollock painting. Thankfully, Melissa is able to see the beauty in the chaos and make sure every patient gets the maximum possible from their insurance. The reason she’s so happy about it is because she is the mom to two of the cutest little girls in Texas. For real. Also, you might not guess it but Melissa had 11 years of ortho assisting experience. So she’s a total duel threat. And if you visit the practice and Christmas music is playing completely out of season, you can thank Melissa.


Orthodontic Assistant

Somehow this Carolina girl ended up in Texas and we’re all better for it. She has two older boys who are picture perfect football players and an 8-year old who can dance better than JT. She’s an amazing assistant and NEVER leaves a pokey wire.


Orthodontic Assistant

Michelle has worked in the dental field for a bunch of years. She loves to read. Real books. Not PDFs. Also, she knows everyone who lives between FM 1093 and Galveston. Just ask her. Michelle has an adorable little girl that we’re all hoping has really crooked teeth so we’ll get to see her more.


Orthodontic Assistant

Hannah is super smart and pretty much good at everything. She’s our go to for all things popculture and our in-house Urban Dictionary. She’s new to ortho but loves it and loves our patients. Consider yourself lucky if she works on your grill.


Orthodontic Assistant

Fabi is crazy talented at ortho and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She moved to Texas from Virginia and actually used to work with one of Dr. Blackburn’s best friends. Fabi has tons of ortho experience and you’ll never see her get upset. Ever. Plus, she used to be a dentist in Bolivia! Which means she knows her stuff and she can speak Espanol if that’s your thing. She fits in perfectly at BFO and you will love her.


Practice Ambassador

Christa is one of those lucky people who has 5 kids but hasn’t aged a day since 2004. She always looks on point and never answers the phone like they do at the DMV. Also, she wears a BFO shirt 7 days a week so you’ll always know where her loyalties lie.



Back in the day Caitlin was actually part of the first graduating class of Seven Lakes High School. While there, she helped initiate the policy that if you miss a class for an orthodontics appointment, life ends as you know it. She regrets that policy now. Before Caitlin joined BFO she actually taught school in Sugar Land. She has since realized that teaching kids how to wear their rubber bands is more fun than teaching them about polynomials. She’s also an epic dancer so if you need a partner for your Dancing with the Stars audition, she’s ready!



Dr. Blackburn worked with Magin at another office years ago and if it wasn’t for some dang non-solicitation agreement he would have stolen her over to BFO immediately! But she’s here now and life at BFO is better for it! She doesn’t know how to get upset and has 2 amazing daughters. She is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet and loves when people prank call BFO! Try it!


Orthodontic Assistant / Records Expert

Dionna is one of the few true Katy locals. Which means you can ask her ANYTHING about Katy. She’s hilarious and loves to listen to other people’s problems (which is perfect for COVID-era). She’s an avid Chris Brown fan (except his drama with Rihanna)  and loves chicken salad (maybe). We love having her on the team and you’ll love working with her as well!


Orthodontic Assistant

Megan is probably the most unique person you will ever meet! She was homeschooled (but stayed normal), has the absolute best dating stories ever, is deathly allergic to nuts (which leads to even more great dating stories), and has spider powers (seriously). Needless to say, if you need someone to brighten your day, request to work with Megan because she is a ray of sunshine!


Office Music, Joke and Weather Report Provider

Alexa has very limited experience in the dental field. She has no hands so… she makes up for it with her looks. She plays great music, tells “ok” jokes, and makes great company. In her spare time she enjoys sitting on the counter in the clinic and studying the BFO logo on the wall.

5215 FM 1463 # 700
Katy, Texas 77494