simply perfect

How It Works


Swing by Blackburn Family Orthodontics in Katy, TX and get your teeth digitally scanned. You’ll also meet with Dr. Blackburn or Dr. Williams to let them know your treatment goals.


Dr. Blackburn and Dr. Williams will use that scan to digitally create your perfect smile. He’ll make sure the aligners will accomplish your treatment goals and get your dream smile!


Your custom Invisalign aligners will be shipped directly to your house. Wear them whenever you’re not eating and you’ll have that perfect smile in no time!


Since, your Invisalign trays are being shipped to your house and there is no need for in-office appointments, we are happy to offer this treatment at half the typical cost of our Invisalign treatment.

How much does it cost?

Want to pay for it outright? That’s $2500 out the door. If we can get insurance to cover some of that we will.

Financing Available

Don’t want to drop $2500 now? Put $280 down and make 12 payments of $185. Do the math, that’s interest free!

Insurance Accepted

Have insurance? We will check your insurance for you and see how much you can squeeze from them.


Am I a good candidate?

Simply Perfect is best at mild/moderate cases or for people who did braces before but didn’t wear their retainers. Obviously, there will be some things that can’t be fixed by aligners alone. If your goals are more than what can be accomplished by Simply Perfect, you’ll be told at the initial scanning appointment.

Whats a scanning appointment?

Expect it to take about 45 mins. We’ll take some pictures, a x-ray to make sure there’s no hidden problems, and you’ll meet with Dr. Blackburn or Dr. Williams to let them know your treatment goals. Someone from the team will review financing options and insurance coverage.

How does it work?

About a month after the scanning appointment, you’ll get 20 sets of Invisalign aligners shipped to you. They are to be worn day and night and switched out weekly. Once you finish those aligners, you can opt to receive your retainers, or get scanned for another set of 20 aligners if you want to make some more changes.

Do I get retainers after treatment?

Yup, after either the first or the second round of aligners, we will get you a set of clear retainers to be worn nightly. It’s included in the fee.

Can I whiten during treatment?

Yup, let us know during your scanning appointment and we’ll tell you how.

What if I have a problem?

You can always call or text us. Also, if your goals change during treatment you can opt to switch to full treatment at Blackburn Family Orthodontics. Any fees you paid will be credited towards the full treatment fees.

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